Bc. - Teacher Training in Geography

Bachelor´s degree double-subject full-time study with the standard length - 3 years.



Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Jeronýmova 10, České Budějovice   

Phone number: 387 773 060, e-mail adress: hmalikova@pf.jcu.cz


Course characteristic

The Bachelor's degree course Geography with focus on Education, study program specialization in pedagogy creates the starting basis of preparation students for study in the Master´s degree in general, respectively specifically in the specialization of teaching geography at elementary schools. Subjects are set to provide students a comprehensive set of knowledges about the landscape as a geographical space. Main part of the study consists of theoretical and partly practical skills contained in the sub-disciplines of physical and social geography. Application of these knowledges at regional level is mainly provided by Geography of the Czech Republic.The program includes teaching the basics of Planetary Geography, Cartography of the development and methodology of geography as a scientific discipline. Study also allows to gain experience in the application of basic methods of geographical research, with an emphasis on using the tools provided by Geographic Information Systems. Bachelor study is designed as a double-subject study. Besides teaching geography and the second subject this study allows education in general pedagogy and psychology. Bachelor´s degree course also provides initial theoretical and practical testing of didactics of teaching geography.


Graduate profil

Goal of the study - graduate primarily acquires the basic complex of general knowledges about the natural and cultural landscape and the processes that take place in it. So that student is able to apply his knowledges of the physical and socio-economic geography in the study of regional-geographic contexts. Along with acquired education in pedagogy and didactics in general and also the first experiences of methodology and practice of teaching geography graduate acquires a set of professional skills that are necessary for further study of teaching geography at elementary schools in the Master's degree. Graduate has the opportunity to study the Master's degree mainly of teaching or non-teaching study programs with a similar focus. Graduate after completion of the Bachelor's degree thus is not qualified to perform the teaching profession. Depending on the study combination - Geography with other subjects, however, may also apply outside the teaching practice, for instance in tourism (double-subject study Ge + language), in public administration (Ge + Social Sciences), in nature and landscape protection, respectively, specialized in environmentally oriented management (Ge + Biology), in a leisure center (Ge + Physical Education ), etc.

Admission exam

Admission exam is oral.

Each of the applicants must appear personally to one of the dates of the entrance exams in Geography, although he is exam exempted, otherwise fails to meet admission requirements. Oral exam questions are based on the requirements of the Geography curriculum at grammar schools and cover the following topics:

  • Mathematical Geography - composition, shape and size of the Earth, the Earth moves
  • Cartography - scale and map content, cartographical representation, types of map, measurements on maps,
  • Physical Geography - natural components of landscape sphere (atmosphere, litosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, pedosphere), disciplines of Physical Geography (climatology, hydrology, biogeography, geomorphology, pedology), physical geographic zones on the Earth, global problems of natural landscape sphere,
  • Human Geography - social components of landscape sphere (population, settlement, industry, agriculture, services, transport), disciplines of Human Geography (Geodemography, Geography of Settlement, Industry, Agriculture, Services and Transport Geography), social and global problems,
  • Regional Geography - Czech Republic and Europe - climate, hydrological conditions, orography, biota, population, settlement, economy, political situation,
  • other questions may relate to actual political and geographical problems of individual regions of World, Europe and Czech Republic. 


Criteria for evaluation of admission exam

During the oral exam you can get up to 100 points, with maximum 50 points for the orientation on the map of Europe and the Czech Republic and a maximum of 50 points for the geographic facts and basic knowledge of general geography. The minimum number of points in the category "pass" is 40 points.