Bc. – Teacher Training in Geography

The Bachelor's degree course Geography with focus on Education prepares for study in the Master's program for teaching at elementary schools. The graduate can also work as an employee of extracurricular institutions aimed at the leisure of children and youth. Depending on the combination of courses, the graduate should be able to apply also outside the education area, for instance in tourism (Geography + language), public administration (Geography + Social sciences), nature conservation and landscape (Geography + Biology), etc. Most of the Bachelor study graduates continue their studies in the Master teacher training for primary schools.

Goal of the study - students acquire knowledge and skills in the basic physical geography and socio-geographic disciplines, in geographic methods and in didactic transformation of this knowledge and skills.

Demonstration of the knowledge, skills and competencies will be identified and ensured through successful completion of the curriculum, elaborating and defending a Bachelor's thesis (at the Department of Geography or other departments) and passing the final State exam. This final State exam has four parts: defense of the thesis, an examination in Pedagogy and Psychology, an exam from the second course of the combination and an exam in 'Geography with the focus on Education'.