Members of the Department of Geography actively participate in these research teams. Among these workplaces intensive cooperation in basic and applied research is held.


The Research Centre for Cultural and Historical Geography 


The Centre for Research in Cultural and Historical Geography is a research team of members and researchers of the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Charles University in Prague. It focuses on research in the fields of Cultural and Historical Geography, Geography of Religion, Environmental History and the History of Geography. The emphasis is put on questions of identity, heritage and religion as they interfere with in particular the thematic areas of regional geography, the research of changes in landscape and settlements, institutionalization and development of regions and with geographical education. In the application field the members of the team associate their activities primarily with the protection of cultural and natural heritage and regional development. Members of the center are involved in activities of many professional companies involved in research and organizational activities within international structures (e.g. IGU, ESEH, ASEH), preparing and organizing seminars and conferences. There is also a long term developing cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions of similar orientation, especially the Historical Institute of the CAS (The Czech Academy of Sciences).

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REGPOL (The Research Centre for Regional and Political Geography)


REGPOL is a working group of scientists and teachers which focuses its research efforts on regional integration and differentiation tendencies in the Czech Republic in the context of European and globalization processes. The main goal of the working group is to share and discuss issues of regional, political and cultural geography with an emphasis on solutions at various and interrelated geographical levels (scales).

Research topics:

  • Regional integration and differentiation processes in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on center - periphery relations;
  • Integration and differentiation tendencies in Europe, with an emphasis on the European Union and the socio-economic, institutional and cultural processes;
  • Globalization processes with the emphasis on socio-economic, political and cultural processes and changing international relations;
  • Developing countries in the context of the global system.

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The Reseach Centre for Historical Geography

The project develops research carried out in the Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences and in the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Charles University in Prague. The aim of the project is the creation of a common institutional platform of historical-geographical research in the Czech Republic and strengthening of its international comparability. In research, the emphasis is put on the theoretical and methodological approaches to the Czech historical geography in the European and global context. Among the individual partially researched  topics are the transformation of urban and rural landscapes based on the analysis and interpretation of a wide variety of historical sources, the study of space polarization in relation to border changes and the changes of territorial identities, and the historical-geographical research of the natural and cultural heritage formation. Research results will be made available through publications and conference talks. Project duration: 2012-2018.


CeDoG (The Research Centre for Transport Geography)


CeDoG at the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Charles University in Prague, is an informal platform for academics, postgraduate students and external colleagues who devote to research topics of the economic geography of transport. Members of the CeDoG have been engaged in research and evaluation of the transport as a mechanism of social changes on the example of the Czech regional and settlement system. Professional work is focused mainly on the analysis of geographic conditionalities of transport, interaction in the settlement system, evaluation of accessibility by transport, commuting of inhabitants and influences of mass communications on regional development. In CeDoG research, questions are addressed in the context of projects implemented in the basic and applied research. Currently, particular attention is paid to evaluating the intensity and structure of traffic interactions, identifying conditioning factors, territorial differentiation in the Czech Republic and the application of basic models (interaction models, logit models).

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The Centre for Analysis of Regional Systems


Centre for analysis of regional systems is generally concerned with theoretical and empirical aspects of spatial organisation of geographical phenomena and attempts to promote the results of our effort. Specifically, we aim to study regional systems of the Czech Republic, their historical development, current patterns and future prospects, employing particularly quantitative methods of human geography.

Centre enhances inter-institutional cooperation in geographical research and organises the Geographical discussion forum on yearly basis in order to mediate meetings of the Czech and Slovak geographers interested in the issue of the spatial organisation of the geographical phenomena.

Centre is inspired in its research approaches by the Moravian geographical school that was established particularly at the Institute of geography of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in Brno in the 1960s. Centre builds upon the work of the preceding informal research group dealing with various questions of geographical organisation of space and supported by three grant projects.

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