Mgr. - Teacher Training in Geography

A graduate of the related Master's study program Teaching of Geography for the 2nd Level of Elementary Schools is qualified to be teacher on the second level of primary school and lower grades of multiannual grammar schools in the field of Geography. The graduates of the field also apply as workers at extracurricular facilities aimed at leisure for children and youth. Depending on the combination of courses, the graduates should be able to apply also outside the education area, for instance in tourism (Geography + language), public administration (Geography + Social sciences), nature conservation and landscape (Geography + Biology), etc. Graduates can also continue in doctoral studies mainly with pedagogical or professional geographic focus.

Goals of the studies - students already during the Bachelor stage acquired knowledge and skills in constituting geographical disciplines, in geographic methods and the regional geography of the Czech Republic. On the subsequent Master level the students gain the knowledge and skills in the regional geography of the world and the problematic regions of the world. At the same time, students gain knowledge, skills and competencies in the didactics of geography on the 2nd level of primary school.

Demonstration of the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies will be identified and ensured through the successful completion of the curriculum, developing and defending the Master's thesis (at the Department of Geography or other departments) and passing the Master’s final State exam. This final State exam has four parts: defense of the Master’s thesis, an examination in Pedagogy and Psychology, an exam from the second course of the combination and an exam in 'Didactics in Geography'. The exam in Didactics of Geography consists of three subjects – 'Didactics in Social Geography ', 'Didactics in Physical Geography and Cartography' and 'Didactics in Regional Geography'.