Christopher Erwin Koy

PhDr. Christopher Koy, M.A., Ph.D.

Kancelář: TL 306
Telefon: 387 773 204

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Summer Term 2022:

KAJ/OPS2 Writing                                                   Monday at 13

KAJ/7PSP1 Academic Writing                               Tuesday at 8am

KAJ/7CAN Canadian History & Culture              Tuesday at 11am

KAJ/7AH Am. Hist. & Social Institutions            Tuesday at 13 (Lecture); Wednesday (Sem)

KAJ/7BAK2 British & American Film                   Wednesday 14:30





Major Publications:



STEP BY STEP. ANGLIČTINA PRO SAMOUKY (2nd edition, 2007) učebnice


Articles and reviews in the last five years

Koy Ch. (2021): “Revising Alfred, Lord Tennyson: A Closer Look at Two Color Line Stories "The Wife of His Youth" and "Cecily's Dream" by Charles W. Chesnutt.” Primerjalna književnost (Comparative Literature, PKn) (44:3): 155-176. 0351-1189.

Koy Ch. (2021): “Folklore and Voodoo in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God.” In: British and American Studies 27:167-176. 2457-7715.

Koy Ch. (2021): “The Notion of Māyā in Arthur Schopenhauer’s Epistemological Idealism.” In: Xlinguae: European Scientific Language Journal 14:3: 49-56. 1337-8384.

Koy Ch. (2020): “More Than Mere Metamorphoses: Animals in Charles W. Chesnutt’s Conjure Stories.” In: American and British Studies Annual 13: 82-96. 1803-6058.

Koy Ch. (2020): “Critical Animal Studies (CAS) Applied to the Mule: Nostalgic Loss in Two Contemporary Southern U.S. Stories.” In: Grant Journal 9:2 (December 2020): 31-35. 1805-0638.

Koy Ch. (2020): Recenze – David Livingstone: In Our Own Image: Fictional Representations of William Shakespeare. Olomouc: Palacký University Press, 2019. 342 pp. In: Prague Journal of English Studies 9:1: 233-240. 1804-8722 (available here)

Koy, Ch. (2020): “Obsessive Butcher: Francis Brady’s Gift and Exchange in Patrick McCabe’s The Butcher Boy.” In: Ostrava Journal of English Philology 12:2: 19-30. 1803-8174.

Koy, Ch. (2019): Recenze – Linda Chavers, Violent Disruptions. American Imaginations of Racial Anxiety in William Faulkner and Richard Wright.  New York: Peter Lang, 2019. In: Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture 30:58 (December 2019), s. 138-141, 0862-8424.

Koy, Ch. (2019): Recenze – Petr Anténe, Campus Novel Variations: A Comparative Study of an Anglo-American Genre Olomouc: Palacký UP. In: Lingua Viva 29, s. 61-66. 1801-1489.

Koy, Ch. (2019): “Performing the Scholar, Performing the Sleuth; Plagiarism in Three American Short Stories.”  Hradec Králové Journal of Anglophone Studies 6:1 (July 2019), s. 44-53. 2336-3347.

Koy, Ch. (2019): “Beloit Prevails with 25-Year Track Record.” Beloit College Magazine. (Winter 2019), s. 34. (January 10, 2019). [popular media]

Koy, Ch. (2017): "Plagiarism in Typee: A Peep at Herman Melville's Lifting from Travel Narratives" In: American and British Studies Annual 10: s. 33-45. 1803-6058.

Koy, Ch. (2017): "'What will thou do, old man?' - Refashioning Lear's Descent into Madness in Philip Roth's Sabbath's Theater " In: Ostrava Journal of English Philology, 9:2: s. 7-25. 1803-8174.

Koy, Ch. (2017): Recenze - Transforming Postsecondary Teaching in the United States, Janet Swaffar and Per Urlaub (eds.) New York: Springer, 2014. In: Lingua Viva 26: s. 64-66. 1801-1489.

Koy, Ch. (2017): Recenze - Pavlína Flajšarová, Diaspora in the Fiction of Andrea Levy. Olomouc: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, 2014. In: Lingua Viva 25: s. 59-62. 1801-1489.

Koy, Ch. (2016): Recenze - Simona Kraus, Prag in der amerikanischen Literatur: Cynthia Ozick und Philip Roth. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2015. 443 pp. In: Litteraria Pragensia: Studies in Literature and Culture 26:51 (July 2016), s. 111-113. 0862-8424.


Edited, co-edited or co-authored:

  • Litteraria Pragensia – The Worldliness of Philip Roth 25:49 (Guest Editor of Journal, July 2015)
  • ATECR NewsletterJournal of English Language Teaching (Editor, 2012-2017)
  • Litteraria Pragensia – Reappraising the Black Literary Tradition 21:41 (Guest Editor of Journal, July 2011)
  • English for Life – South Bohemian Anglo-American Studies (No. 3, 2009) sborník [co-editor: Lucie Betáková]
  • Dream, Imagination and Reality in Literature – South Bohemian Anglo-American Studies (No. 1, 2007) sborník [co-editor: Kamila Vránková]
  • Step by Step. Angličtina pro samouky (Fraus, 2007) učebnice
  • A Black Reader (Aleš Čeněk, 2004) skripta [co-editor: John A. Williams]
  • A Reader in Commercial Fiction (Aleš Čeněk, 2003) skripta [co-editor: Alena Telínová]
  • Sborník příspěvků z konference Profilingua (Aleš Čeněk, 2003) sborník [(w/B. Golčáková, H. Potměšilová a K. Vacková]


Language correction (proofreader):

  • 111 Creative Games for Teaching Languages by Petr Hladík (2016) učebnice
  • Concepts of Harmony in Five Metaphysical Poets by Tomáš Jajtner (Mervart, 2012) monografie
  • American English by Pavel Strejc (Fraus, 2001) učebnice

Návrhy témat:

  1. Ashkenazi Assimilation in New York City in the Short Fiction of Anzia Yezierska
  2.  Realism in Selected Short Stories by William Dean Howells
  3.  Analysis of the Police Detective Novels by Chester Himes
  4.  A Comparative Analysis of American Vietnam War Films
  5.  Analysis of Susan Stern’s Memoir With the Weathermen: The Personal Journey of a Revolutionary Woman within the Context of the Vietnam War Protest Movement

Vedené práce:

  1. De Valera as Irish Political Leader: His Successes and Failures (Raiterman Stepan)
  2. The Attack on Pearl Harbor: How Well Informed Was the Roosevelt Government Before It Occurred? (Krechler Filip)
  3. Benjamin Franklin as Founding Father: His Role in Starting the Independent Government of USA (Kratochvíle Michal)
  4.  Comparing the Neil Jordan Film with the T. P. Coogan Biography on the Irish Political Figure Michael Collins (Stephan Jacob)
  5.  Comparison of Stephen King’s Novel The Green Mile with the Film Adaptation by Frank Darabont (Dynda Matej)
  6.  Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of the Arabesque: An Analysis of this Subgenre (Benáčková Aneta)
  7.  The Informer by Liam O’Flaherty and A Star Called Henry by Roddy Doyle: Analysis of Two Works of Irish Historical Fiction During the Anglo-Irish War (Stehlík Roman)
  8. David McCullough’s Biography of John Adams and HBO Miniseries John Adams: An Analysis of the Adaptation (Kodim Pavel)
  9.  Comparison of the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant with Recent Biographies (Vaslik Martin)
  10.  Fool for Love: An Analysis of Sam Shepard’s Play and the Film Adaptation (Hernout Matěj)
  11.  Andersonville, the Auschwitz of the Civil War in the United States, in Word and Film (Lhotak Jakub)
  12.  William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice and its 2004 Film Adaptation: A Comparative Analysis (Prokopová Michaela)
  13.  The Attack on Pearl Harbor: History and Remembrance via Film (Homan, Milan)
  14.  Film and Television Adaptations of Oscar Wilde’s Novel The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Comparative Analysis (Davidová Martina)
  15.  Civil War Short Stories (Mašková Tereza)
  16.  African American Satire: Analysis of George S. Schuyler’s Black No More and William M. Kelley’s A Different Drummer (Vavřinec Štěpán)
  17.  School Mass Murderers in Recent American Fiction (Sivý, Michael)

Návrhy témat:

  1. Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid's Xuela Stories and her "Autobiography of My Mother"
  2. Morality in the Grocery Store: the 'Good Man' in Malamud's "The Assistant" and Steinbeck's "The Winter of Our Discontent."
  3. Examining Absurd Crimes: Harlem Detective Novels by Chester B. Himes
  4. Analysis of Minstrelsy in the 1927 Silent Film Adaptation (Pollard, dir.) of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  5. Comparing and Contrasting Film and Novel: "The Day of the Locusts" by Nathaniel West
  6. Satire and Louisiana's French Speakers in "The Grandissimes" by George Washington Cable

Vedené práce:

  1. Analysis of Games and Films Inspired by or Spin-Offs of The Godfather (David, Tomáš)
  2. The Vietnam War Fiction of Tim O’Brien (ten Hagen, Libor)
  3. Selected Novels of Jessie Redmon Fauset: An Analysis of an Influential Harlem Renaissance Author (Matysová, Tereza)
  4. The Memoirs of Frank McCourt: An Analysis (Rossmüllerová, Denisa)
  5. An Analysis of the Color Line in Harlem Renaissance Novels (Friedelová, Adéla)
  6. Memoirs of Vietnam War Veterans (Šindelář Jakub)