TAČR TL02000368 (2019-2022) Learning Hyperspace for Formative Assessment and Inquiry Based Science Teaching

Hyperspace pro formativní hodnocení a badatelsky orientovanou výuku v přírodovědných předmětech a matematice (tato stránka v češtině)


Learning Hyperspace for Formative Assessment and Inquiry Based Science Teaching

No. TL02000368

01/2019 – 06/2022

Main investigator: University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

Project leader: prof. PaedDr. Iva Stuchlíková CSc.



The aim of the project is to create a hyperspace for in-service (as well as pre-service) teachers focused on implementing inquiry-based teaching and formative assessment at primary and lower secondary level. The main objective is to improve didactical competencies to use IBSE and FA of in-service teachers as well as the quality of pre-service teacher training. The multimedia platform (called hyperspace) with rich-media content, including many methodical materials, videos from real STEM instruction and pedagogical diagnostic tools will be developed and used in in-service teachers’ professional development and pre-service teachers’ training. Materials will be adapted for teacher’s autodiagnostics (e.g. self-efficacy, motivation, classroom climate etc.) as well as pupils’ diagnostics (e.g. motivation, autonomy, etc.). The level of “WHAT” and “HOW” in inquiry-based science teaching and formative assessment will be complemented by information necessary for understanding educational and psychological background of “WHY” and “WHEN” the work through these methods is effective. The platform will provide a space where users could get additional information, inspiration, materials, or where they could discuss their concerns and findings, confront own results with ideas of the others etc. This could be an important step to permanent changes in STEM teaching in the Czech Republic.


Poster about the project design